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Frequently Asked Questions Hostería El Copihue

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take me from Santiago to Olmué?

The fastest way is to travel along Route 5 North to Til Til, and cross the Cuesta La Dormida. It has a distance of 80 kms and takes 1 hour 1/4.

You can also travel along Route 5 North, continue to La Calera, and enter through Quillota, San Pedro, Limache and then Olmué. In this case they are 150 kms and about 2 hours of travel.

The third option is to take Route 68, on the way to Viña del Mar, turn off at Lo Vásquez for Lo Orozco to Villa Alemana, then Limache and Olmué. The trip is similar to the previous one, 150 kms and about 2 hours of travel.

2. How can I get to Olmué if I do not have a car?

The Pullman Bus company has a frequent direct route to Olmué, which makes the route through Til Til and Cuesta La Dormida. The trip takes about 2 hours and the buses leave the terminal that is in the subway station Universidad de Santiago. The exit of the buses is every 2 hours approximately.

You can consult in Santiago, phone: 600 320 3200. In Limache to the phone: 332413040.

3. Do the rooms have a private bathroom?

Yes, all our rooms are modern and have exclusive bathroom, tub, shower telephone, bar for disabled, soap and shampoo.

4. Do the rooms have towels and sheets?

Our rooms have all the amenities and services of hotel, such as: as towels, sheets and maid service.

5. Do the cabins have a kitchen?

All our pieces are hotel rooms, so they do not have a kitchen. The rooms that are called cabins, are our rooms of 2 main rooms, have no kitchen.

6. Do you have to bring towels for the pool?

Yes, bring towels for the outdoor pool.

Hosteria el Copihue provides towels inside the heated pool, for the passengers who are staying. These towels are for use inside the heated pool and should not be used in outdoor pools or rooms. The towels in the rooms can not be used in the swimming pools (temperate and outside). Guests who come to enjoy for the day, should bring taollas to the pools.

7. What time is the check in and out of the rooms?

Check in is at 16:00 hrs.
Check out is at 12:00 hrs.

These times may be flexible and check-out later, if the room is not compromised, with confirmation and authorization at reception.

8. If I arrive at 11:00 pm, should I check out at 12:00 hrs?

Yes, the departure time is mandatory for the room, if it is compromised.
That does not mean that you should leave the inn. You can continue to enjoy all afternoon of the facilities, have lunch and take onces if you wish.

9. Are drinks included in meals?

The drinks are not included, since they are charged according to the consumption of each person. We have a great variety of drinks, beers, wines and natural juices. The house offers a welcome snack.

10. Is there satellite TV in the rooms?

Yes, all our rooms have satellite TV.

11. Do you have internet?

There is free Wi-Fi internet available to our guests throughout the Hostel.

12. What kind of food does the full board take?

Our pension considers a breakfast buffet and for lunches and dinners it is served according to the menu. The lunch menu includes 4 courses (starter, cream, dessert and dessert), and for dinner the menu includes 3 courses (cream, dessert and dessert).

On weekends the lunch menu is elective and includes a greater variety of alternatives for each dish. In the case of any special diet, it can be prepared at no extra cost to the passenger.

13. If I go with a baby, can I prepare special meals?

In general, a large number of families are received with young and old children, so papillas and special soups for guaguitas are frequently prepared. Thermos are also prepared with boiled water, especially for milk at night.

14. Do the rooms have a crib for babies?

Baby cots are available at no cost. It must be requested in advance to ensure availability.

15. Can I go to the hostel for the day?

Yes, the restaurant works every day of the year, you can come to enjoy with your family a nice lunch, onces and spend a nice family day.

16. If I go for the day, can I use the cold pool?

Yes, everyone will be able to use it, under the following conditions:

If you come to visit us for the day to have lunch or take onces, with a minimum consumption preset, and paying a preferential entrance, you can make use of the cold pool all day.

For all those customers who come to the Restaurant and consume the lunch menu, the payment of the Cold Pool will be released.

17. Can the heated pool be used if I am not staying at the Inn?

Yes, everyone can make use of the heated pool. If you come to visit us for the day to have lunch or take onces, with a minimum consumption preset, and paying a preferential entrance, you can make use of the heated pool all day.

All passengers staying at the hostel have the free heated pool.

In the tempered pool is obligatory the use of swimming cap. You can bring it here or buy it at the hostel.

If you want to bathe only in the heated pool, without making any consumption in the restaurant, you must pay the total value of the entrance.

18. Do you have event rooms?

The inn has several rooms, which can be used for business events: walks, seminars and congresses. Also for family celebrations: weddings, baptisms, birthdays or wedding anniversaries.

19. Does the inn have outdoor dining?

We have a beautiful outdoor dining room, on two levels, under a large wooden structure, overlooking the majestic trees of the gardens and providing a pleasant shade.

We have a capacity for 200 people outdoors and another 240 people in the 3 indoor dining rooms.