Sello de Calidad Turística Chile

Hostería El Copihue, Olmué, V Región.


Location and map de Hostería El Copihue, Olmué, V Región.


How long did I take from Santiago to Olmué?

The fastest way is to travel along Route 5 North, to Til Til, and to cross La Cuesta La Dormida. It has a distance of 80 km and it takes 1 hour 1/4.

You can also travel on Route 5 North, continue to La Calera, and enter through Quillota, San Pedro, Limache and then Olmué. In this case they are 150 kms and about 2 hours of travel.

The third option is to take Route 68, on the way to Viña del Mar, turn off at Lo Vásquez through Lo Orozco to Villa Alemana, then Limache and Olmué. The trip is similar to the previous one, 150 kms and about 2 hours of travel.

How can I get to Olmué, if I do not have a car?

The company Pullman Bus has a frequent direct route to Olmué, which makes the route by Til Til and the Cuesta La Dormida. The trip lasts about 2 hours and the buses leave from the terminal that is located at the Universidad de Santiago subway station. The departure of the buses is every 2 hours approximately.

You can consult in Santiago, on the phone: 600 320 3200. In Limache on the phone: 332413040.