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Sello de Calidad Turística Chile

Hostería El Copihue, Olmué, V Región.

Outdoor Activities

"La Campana" National Park. World Biosphere Reserve, UNESCO.

Hostería El Copihue

Marvel at the imposing image of the mountain.

Enjoy together with your family this special experience.

Hosteria El Copihue has for you an interesting and varied offer of outdoor activities. In the National Park "La Campana", will be accompanied by guides accredited by CONAF, enjoying the wonders of its flora, fauna, history and indigenous vestiges.

The privileged climate of our valley, the pure air and nature, make the experience unforgettable.

Outdoor Programs

Full day program: Horseback riding and trekking

- Horseback ride or walk inside the National Park "La Campana" visiting "Palmas de Ocoa" and "Poza del Coipo".
- Ride or walk route "Niño Dios de las Palmas".
- Horseback riding and / or hiking route to the encounter of Darwin, making summit of the hill the bell, to the 1,890 msnm.

Half day program

Horseback riding or trekking Route of Peumo.

Special program of 1 or 2 hours

Leaving from the door of the Copihue Lodge:
1. Horseback riding City Tour, 2 hours.
2. City Tour Horseback Riding, 1 hour.
Note: each group is accompanied by a guide.




Only 800 m. of our Hostel, is "Native Park", a place to enjoy with your children an entertaining Canopy.



bike toursWalks around Olmué and its attractions, on our mountain bike, at no cost to you.


Tourist flights in glider

Enjoy a glider flight, in the Olmué Glider Club, located in our aerodrome and feel the wonder that is to fly like the eagles and condors, only with the energy of nature.
Note: Activity that must be coordinated in advance, please advise when making your reservation.


Hot air balloon flights

Activity that must be coordinated in advance, please advise when making your reservation.