Business activities

There are many companies in the country, who have chosen us for congresses, meetings, seminars and different corporate events. The cozyness of our facilities and the tranquility of the sector make us the perfect option for the development of that activity you have in mind. Our rooms are technically equipped with everything necessary for the correct development of your boutique seminar.

Types of rooms

This type of activity is designed for small groups of up to 50 people.


65 mt².
50 people in format
25 people in format
meeting with table in U.


84 mt².
30 people in a U-shaped table meeting format.


168 mt²
45 people in a meeting format with a U-shaped table.


68 mt².
200 people in auditorium format.
45 people in a meeting format with a U-shaped table.


We are the perfect place for all kinds of celebrations, such as small family reunions and birthdays.

Hotel El Copihue is attended by its own owners and we are characterized by a close and welcoming attention, which is reflected in all the activities that take place in our dependencies.


Olmué has attractive places for its visitors, such as: La Campana National Park, La Poza del Coipo, La Dormida Church, La Capilla del Niño Dios de Las Palmas and the Aircraft Museum, which are just steps from our hotel.


If you stay at our hotel, you can ride around Olmué and its attractions completely free of charge on our bicycles.


You can take walks to La Campana National Park, suitable for observing flora and fauna.


horseback riding

Horseback riding through tourist routes in the area, guided by qualified personnel, who offer an induction in the use and care of horses.


Unimog truck ride

Tremendous panorama that we have for you!
Tour the most beautiful places in Olmué on top of a UNIMOG
Departures from El Rancho Blanco Encalada, in front of 4696 (next to the Unimarc parking lot)
Also wagon rides and guided horseback riding.

Sightseeing glider flights

Enjoy a glider flight at the Olmué Glider Club, located at our aerodrome. Feel the wonder of flying just like eagles and condors, only with the energy of nature. Note: Activity that must be coordinated in advance, please notify when making your hotel reservation.