Terms and Conditions


This document regulates the terms and conditions under which you have the right to access and use the services of the website www.copihue.cl and any information, text, video or other material communicated on the website.

On this website you can use, free of charge, the software and applications for mobile devices that allow you to browse, visit, compare and, if you wish, purchase the goods or services displayed here.

We recommend that you read these Terms carefully and print or save a copy of them to your local drive for your information.

These Terms and Conditions will be applied and will be understood to be incorporated into each of the contracts entered into with Hotel El Copihue through this website.

The use of this website, the application of these Terms and Conditions, the acts that it executes and the contracts that it celebrates through this website, are subject and subject to the laws of the Republic of Chile and especially to the law 19,496 for the protection of consumer rights.

Therefore, Hotel El Copihue Limitada will strictly apply all the benefits, guarantees and rights recognized in favor of consumers in Law 19,496. In addition, Hotel El Copihue Limitada adheres in all its parts to the Code of Good Practices for Electronic Commerce of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce.


For the communication of any presentation, consultation or claim regarding the use of this site, or the contracts that are carried out in it, Hotel El Copihue Limitada designates as special representative Mr. Pedro Alejandro Kubierschky Mafud, General Manager, available at email hosteria@copihue.cl; and on the Customer Service telephone number +569931950830, domiciled for these purposes at calle Diego Portales 2203, commune of OLmué, city of Olmué. His legal capacity to act for Hotel El Copihue Limitada costa in a public deed of February 15, 2019 granted at the Nelson Lister Nazif Notary, in Limache.

Hotel El Copihue Limitada undertakes that in case of sending advertising or promotional information, by email, it will contain at least the following information:

a) Identification of the message, which makes it recognizable as advertising or promotional communication, in the subject field of the message.

b) Existence of the right of the consumer or user to request the cessation of advertising shipments of this type by Hostería El Copihue Limitada and the obligation of Hostería El Copihue Limitada to suspend such shipments.

c) A simple and efficient procedure so that the consumer can make this request, indicating an electronic address for this purpose.

d) The identification of the advertiser with his trade name.

In the case of teaser advertising, the obligations indicated above will be fulfilled to the extent that the agency that carries it out is identified.

Hostería El Copihue Limitada will stop sending advertising or promotional messages by email or other equivalent individual means of communication, to any person who has expressly requested the suspension of such shipments.


The mere visit of this site does not impose any type of obligation for the user, unless the user unequivocally expresses, through positive acts, his willingness to contract with the company to acquire goods or services, in the manner indicated in these terms and Conditions.

To accept these Terms and Conditions, the user must click where the Hostería El Copihue Limitada website offers this option in the user interface with the phrase "I have read and accepted" or another equivalent that allows them to give their unequivocal consent regarding the acceptance.


Registration on the site and the use of a password is not a mandatory requirement to contract, however it facilitates personalized, confidential and secure access to the site.

In case of registering on the site, the user will have a secret password that can be used and even modified if the user so requires. To activate the password, you must complete the registration form available on the site and send it to Hostería El Copihue by clicking on the respective field.

Regarding the confidentiality of the password, the user and the administrator will be responsible within the scope that corresponds to each one.


To make purchases or hire services on this site, you must follow the steps below by clicking on the corresponding field:

  1. To start the contracting process, you must confirm that you have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions.
  2. Select the product or service that interests you and add it to your "shopping cart".
  3. Log in to the site or Enter your email and password. And, if you are not registered and want to do so, use the "register your password" icon.
  4. Select the type of dispatch and delivery among the alternatives available on the site, if there are no alternatives available, follow the instructions for delivery according to what is indicated on the site.
  5. Select the payment method.
  6. Once the order is made, it will be displayed on the screen: This information must appear before selecting the payment method and it is how it works in most sites.
    1. a description of the contracted product or service.
    2. Price.
    3. indication of shipping cost if applicable.
    4. delivery date according to the type of dispatch chosen.
    5. payment method.
    6. Total value of the transaction.
    7. other conditions of the order.
    8. Possibility to print and store the order.
    9. also a unique number of the order, with which you can track it online.
  7. Sending the information to the registered email.
  8. The order will then automatically go through an identity confirmation process, always safeguarding the security and privacy of the user and the contracting process, availability, validity and quota of the payment method that has been selected.
  9. Once the above is fulfilled, the contract is perfected, making the charge in the selected means of payment, the proof of purchase will be sent with the corresponding ticket or invoice in electronic format and the product will be dispatched, according to the mode of delivery that had been selected.
  10. The buyer will not be affected in his rights nor will he be charged, without his identity being confirmed.


Unless a different means is indicated for specific cases or offers, the products and services reported on this site can only be paid for through:

  1. Card of the company itself, if applicable (eg: CMR, Cencosud)
  2. Visa, Mastercard, Dinners Club International or American Express bank credit card, issued in Chile or abroad, provided they maintain a current contact for this purpose with Hostería El Copihue.
  1. Bank debit cards included in the Redcompra system, issued in Chile by national banks that maintain a valid contract for such purposes with Hostería El Copihue
  2. Cash. If you select this method of payment, Hostería El Copihue will generate a payment coupon that will have an identification number of your purchase order and a bar code. It must be taken to any Servipag or Servipag Express branch and make the payment there, where they will deliver a receipt with the data that identifies the purchase. Servipag will deliver a payment receipt that includes the Purchase Order number, the amount paid, the day and time of payment, and the receiving cashier code.
  3. Other electronic means of payment that the company may have contracted (Khipu, Servipag, Paypal, others).

Payment with debit cards will be made through WebPay, which is an electronic payment system that is responsible for making the automatic charge to the user's bank account.

Users declare that they understand that these means of payment or payment portals belong to third-party companies that provide these services, independent and not linked to Hostería El Copihue, so that the continuity of their provision of services over time, as well as the correct operation of its online payment tools and buttons, will be the sole responsibility of the companies that provide these services and in no case of Hostería El Copihue


Returns & Exchanges

If you are not satisfied with the purchased product, it can be exchanged or returned without problems up to 10 days after the date it was received, at any branch of the company, or if it was dispatched, the company can pick it up at the same place , paying only the value of the transport that will be the same value as the dispatch.

To be able to make an exchange or return it is necessary that the product is unused, with all its accessories, original packaging.

In addition, taking into account the nature of the products, in the following categories it is necessary that they have not been opened and that they keep their original sealing and packaging.

For exchange or return, the bill, dispatch guide, exchange ticket, or other proof of purchase must be presented.

This guarantee does not apply to products made to order or made to measure. In the case of products that are reported as used, open, second selection or with some deficiency, which are purchased having reported this situation on the site and with a reduced price, the change or refund will not be applicable.

In the event of a refund, the company will make a credit in the means of payment that has been used in a period not exceeding 72 hours after the refund has been accepted, an issue that will be informed through the email that has been registered.

Right of withdrawal

The user will have a period of 10 days to terminate the contract entered into electronically from the time they receive the product or from the time they contract the service, before it is provided.

To exercise this right, you must use the same means that you used to enter into the contract and provided that Hostería El Copihue has sent you communication that the contract has been perfected, a full copy, clear, understandable and unequivocal access to its general conditions and the possibility of store or print them.

If Hostería El Copihue has not complied with the sending of the aforementioned written communication, the term will be extended to 90 days.

This right may not be exercised when the good, subject of the contract, has deteriorated due to an act attributable to the consumer.

If the good or service was obtained by means of a credit, this is without effect but the interests are charged to the consumer when it has been granted by a third party.

Hostería El Copihue will have the obligation to return the sums paid, without withholding of expenses, and as soon as possible and, in any case, before 45 days from the communication of the retraction. In the case of services, the return will only include those amounts paid that do not correspond to services already provided on the date of the withdrawal. You must return the packaging elements, user manuals, boxes, protection elements and any other element that came with the good in good condition.

Legal Guarantees

In case the product does not have the informed technical characteristics, if it is damaged or incomplete, it can be changed immediately. If it presents faults or defects within the 3 months following the date it was received, you can choose between its free repair, or prior restitution, its exchange or the refund of the amount paid, provided that the product has not deteriorated due to an act attributable to the consumer. It can be delivered directly to a technical service authorized by the manufacturer or to any branch of [company name].

If the product has a manufacturer's guarantee, the term of this guarantee will apply, if this term is longer. However, if the product is perishable or is naturally intended to be used or consumed in a short period, the return period will be that printed on the product or its packaging or, failing that, it will be 7 days. All these terms will be suspended for the time that the good is being repaired in exercise of the guarantee, and until the repair is completed.

It will be considered as failure or defect:

  1. Products subject to mandatory safety or quality standards that do not meet specifications
  2. If the materials, parts, pieces, elements, substances or ingredients that constitute or integrate the products do not correspond to the specifications that they hold or to the mentions on the label.
  3. Products that due to deficiencies in manufacturing, processing, materials, parts, pieces, elements, substances, ingredients, structure, quality or sanitary conditions, as the case may be, are not entirely suitable for the use or consumption for which they are intended or for which the supplier would have pointed out in their advertising.
  4. If the provider and consumer have agreed that the contracted products must meet certain specifications and this does not occur.
  5. If after the first time the guarantee has been made effective and the corresponding technical service has been provided, the deficiencies that make the good unfit for the use or consumption referred to in numeral 3 persist. This right will subsist in the event of a deficiency to the one that was the object of the technical service, or it reappears.
  6. If the object of the contract has hidden effects or defects that make it impossible to use it for which it is normally intended.
  7. [any other that the company deems appropriate].


Product Dispatch

The dispatch and delivery conditions of the purchased products may be chosen from among the options offered on the site.

Buy online pick up in store

If you choose to pick up the product in a store, you can do so during the hours that the store is open to the public. In case of choosing another withdrawal point, you must be guided by the times indicated in the selected option.

Withdrawals must be made within a certain period, which must be duly indicated in each of the options offered. Through the registered email you will be informed that the product is available and the term to be withdrawn. The vouchers of this management will remain available for 30 days. If the product is not withdrawn within the specified period, the transaction will be rendered null and void, and the amount paid will be refunded.


In no case will Hostería El Copihue be responsible for:

  1. The improper use that Users or visitors of The Site may make of the materials displayed, of industrial property rights and intellectual property rights.
  2. Damages or eventual damages that may be caused to Buyers and/or Users due to the operation of the search tools and errors generated by the technical elements of The Site or search engine.
  3. Contents of the pages that Buyers or Users can access with or without authorization from Hostería El Copihue
  4. The access of minors or people without capacity, under the terms of the corresponding legislation, to the contents adhering to the contractual relationship that arises from The Site.
  5. Loss, misuse or unauthorized use of your validation code, either by the User and/or buyer Buyers, or by third parties, after making the purchase in the manner expressed in the Terms and Conditions. Likewise, the parties acknowledge and record that the computer platform provided by [company name] is not infallible, and therefore, during the term of this Contract, circumstances beyond the control of [company name] may occur, which imply that The Site or the computer platform are not operational for a certain period of time.
  6. Information about Hostería El Copihue or its services found on sites other than www.copihue.cl

In such cases, Hostería El Copihue will try to restore the Site and the computer system as quickly as possible, without any type of responsibility being attributed to it.

Hostería El Copihue does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the operation of The Site nor that at any time and time, Users can access the promotions and Offers of The Site.

Hostería El Copihue is not responsible for viruses or other elements in the electronic documents stored in the Users' computer systems. Hostería El Copihue will not be liable for damages caused to the Client, arising from the inappropriate use of the technologies made available to the latter, whatever the way in which these technologies are improperly used. Hostería El Copihue will not be liable for damages caused to The Site by improper use and in bad faith by Users and/or Buyers. However, in the event of a double payment by a User or Buyer on The Site, Hostería El Copihue will return the amount of the overpayment, within 3 days following receipt of the respective written claim from the User or Buyer, in which the originals of the receipts of the additional payment to what was acquired are attached.

In Login, registration and communication with means of payment companies, Hostería El Copihue uses digital security certificates (SSL), in order to encrypt communication. Hostería El Copihue does not manipulate or store financial data of its clients.

In any case, the responsibility of Hostería El Copihue, contractual, extra-contractual or legal, with the Users, Buyers or visitors of The Site will not exceed the price actually paid by the Buyer in consideration for the product or service, without prejudice to what they determine the Courts of Justice.


Responsibility of Users regarding the information registered on the site

Hostería El Copihue will adopt the necessary and prudent measures to safeguard the security of the data and secret password, such as information encryption systems, security certificates or others that the company deems appropriate. In the event of detecting changes in the information that you have registered on the site, or, in the event of any irregularity in the transactions related to your identification or that of the means of payment, or simply as a measure to protect your identity, our executives may contact you by by telephone or email, in order to corroborate your data and try to avoid possible fraud.

In case of not being able to establish contact within a period of 72 hours, for your own safety, your purchase order made on our site cannot be confirmed. We will inform you by phone or by email that your order has been canceled due to not being able to confirm your identity or the means of payment offered. In addition, the receipts of the steps taken to contact you and confirm the operation will be available at our offices for 30 days, so that you can confirm the purchase order. Any query can be made to hosteria@copihue.cl

However, Users and/or Buyers are exclusively responsible for the loss, misuse or unauthorized use of the validation code, either by themselves or by third parties, after the purchase has been made in the manner expressed in the Terms and Terms.

Personal information:
Users and/or Buyers guarantee that the information they provide for the celebration

of the contract is true, complete, accurate and up-to-date.

In accordance with Law 19,628, the personal data provided on the Website will become part of a Hostería El Copihue database and will be used solely and exclusively for the purposes that motivated its delivery and especially for communication. in general between the company and its customers, validate the purchase data, finalize the delivery and answer their questions. The data will not be communicated to other companies without the express authorization of its owner nor will it be transferred internationally.

Hostería El Copihue never requests personal or financial data through email

Hostería El Copihue presumes that the data has been incorporated by its owner or by a person authorized by it, as well as that they are correct and exact. The Users and/or Buyers with the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions state that the personal data that they provide through the online forms on the Hostería El Copihue website can be used for subsequent Offers and different from those offered in The place.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Hostería El Copihue guarantees users the free exercise of their rights to information, modification, cancellation and blocking of their personal data established in Law 19,628. Therefore, buyers may make requests that are related to said rights, and within a maximum period of two calendar days, Hostería El Copihue must respond and effectively implement this request.

Electronic documents:

The user, in his capacity as manual receiver of electronic documents, in accordance with Exempt Resolution No. 11 of February 14, 2003 of the Internal Revenue Service (which established the procedure so that taxpayers authorized to issue electronic documents can also send them through these media to manual receivers), declares and agrees as follows:

By approving these terms and conditions, the user authorizes the company Hostería El Copihue, Rut: 78.595.300-2, so that the corresponding tax document of this transaction is delivered only by electronic means. In the same way, you authorize that the notice of publication of the tax document be sent to me by email.

In accordance with the indicated regulations, and in the event that the user requires it to support the accounting information, he assumes the following obligations in relation to said tax documents:

  1. Print the documents received electronically, for each tax period, immediately upon receipt from the issuer.;
  2. Print the document in the size and shape that was generated;
  3. Use original type white paper with a minimum size of 21.5 cm x 14 cm (1/2 letter) and a maximum size of 21.5 x 33 cm (legal);
  4. Print in a quality that ensures the permanence of the legibility of the document for a minimum period of six years, as established by current legislation on the matter. This printing will be made using laser or inkjet printing, unless a different authorization or standard is established in this regard.


Hostería El Copihue will not modify the conditions under which it has contracted with consumers on this site. While they appear on this site, the prices reported will be available to the user, even if they are not the same as those offered in other sales channels of Hostería El Copihue, such as physical stores, catalogs, television, radio, or others.

However, prices are applicable to the city of delivery or dispatch. If, once a product has been entered into the shopping cart, the delivery or dispatch address is changed to a different city, the total price of the product will change according to the shipping costs to the new registered city.

Any change in the information published on this site, including those referring to merchandise, services, prices, stocks and conditions, promotions and offers, will take place before receiving a purchase order and will only refer to future operations, without affecting, in case any, rights acquired by consumers.

The promotions offered on the site will not necessarily be the same as those offered by Hostería El Copihue through other sales channels. In promotions that consist of the free or discounted delivery of a product for the purchase of another, the dispatch of the good that is delivered free of charge or at a discounted price will be made in the same place where the purchased product is dispatched, unless the purchaser requests , when accepting the offer, that the products are sent to different addresses, in which case you must pay the value of the dispatch of both products. It will not be possible to participate in these promotions without jointly acquiring all the products included in them.


All the contents included in this site, such as texts, graphic material, logos, button icons, source codes, images, audio clips, digital downloads and data compilations, are the property of Hostería El Copihue or its content providers, and are protected by Chilean and international laws on intellectual property. The graphic materials, logos, page headers, advertising phrases, button icons, written texts and names of services included in this site are trademarks, creations or commercial images owned by Hostería El Copihue in Chile and in other countries. Said trademarks, creations and commercial images may not be used in relation to any product or service that may cause confusion among customers and in any way that discredits or discredits Hostería El Copihue. Other trademarks that do not belong to Hostería El Copihue and that appear on this site belong to their respective owners.

All rights not expressly granted in these Terms and Conditions are reserved by Hostería El Copihue or its assignees, suppliers, publishers, rights holders or other content providers. No product, image or sound may be reproduced,

duplicated, copied, sold, resold, visited or exploited for any purpose, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of Hostería El Copihue. You may not frame or use framing techniques to enclose any trademark, logo, or other proprietary or proprietary information (including images, text, page layout, or form) of Hostería El Copihue, without our prior written consent. Nor can you use meta tags or any other "hidden text" that uses the name or trademarks of Hostería El Copihue, without prior written authorization from this company. Misuse of this site or these trademarks, licenses or patents is prohibited. The foregoing, without prejudice to the exceptions expressly indicated in the law.

Hostería El Copihue respects the intellectual property of others. If you believe that your work has been copied in a way that constitutes a violation of intellectual property rights, please contact us at hosteria@copihue.cl


These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the Republic of Chile. Any controversy or conflict derived from the use of the Hostería El Copihue website, its Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies, their validity, interpretation, scope or compliance, will be subject to the applicable laws of the Republic of Chile.